vitalist therapies

What is Vitalism?

The vitalist circle retreat was created by Master medical herbalist Nikita Purcell. It was born as a safe space for people to come and be introduced to the natural healing techniques used in the master herbalist tradition.

Master herbalists adhere to a holistic approach to healing, which means we view health as a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person. We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right conditions and support.

Master herbalists believe in utilizing natural remedies derived from plants, herbs, and other natural sources to promote health and treat ailments. We trust in the wisdom of nature and the healing properties of plants that have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world.

Rather than just treating symptoms, master herbalists focus on addressing the root cause of illness by considering the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. We understand that physical health is interconnected with mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we may recommend lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, stress management techniques, and spiritual practices alongside herbal remedies to promote overall wellness.

Master herbalists recognize that each person is unique and may respond differently to treatments. We take into account an individual’s constitution, lifestyle, personal preferences, and specific health concerns when recommending herbal remedies. This personalized approach allows us to tailor treatment plans that best suit each person’s needs and promote optimal healing.

The retreats bring all of this together. A big influence in the creating of the retreat was the famous American herbalist Dr Christopher writings called “the incurables programme” where he treated many incurable illnesses given the right protocol. Much of this healing protocol in incorporated into the vitalist circle retreat.

The retreats are run on the ethos, “Let food be thy medicine” and all food served is raw, enzyme rich, organic, delicious and vegan. Part of the program is leaving with the knowledge to create healthy nutritious meal plans at home.

For people after an intensive deeper cleanse, they can choose to fast alternative days or embark on our full 3-day water fast retreats.

Many natural therapeutics are implemented such as lymphatic drainage, breath work, yoga, hydrotherapy, art therapy, Journaling, music therapy, sound baths, drumming.

The onsite wood burning sauna and spring water filled plunge pool are ideal for extra detox cleaning, relaxing and therapy in the evening time.

Herbs are also used topically and internally depending on each individual’s needs. Herb foraging walks will leave participants confident to pick and prepare medicinal herbs.

Participants can choose to book an additional treatment from the list of therapies available, reflexology – face- hand or foot, Indian head, full body massage, reiki,

Various types of meditation are used for inner reflection to help identify emotional blockages or traumas that need to be released and ceremonial practices then help us bring these emotions into the physical where we can let go.

The retreats are held in the hills of Tipperary surrounded by nature, an ideal location to ground yourself and recharge, away from all the hustle of modern life.

This retreat is also a great place for anyone who is already practising natural therapeutics and herbal health care as it is a space to deepen their knowledge and practice.

Overall, the retreats are a great way to empower individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to achieve balance and vitality using natural and holistic approaches to healing.